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Vogt Returns Home

By RJH, 12/03/15, 6:30AM PST


We get excited every year when Stephen Vogt returns home.  Stephen, who lives locally in the Olympia area with his wife Alyssa and daughter Peyton, takes off every February for Spring Training and returns sometime around October.  Each year, since he has been a part of the Sandberg Baseball Club family, has been an adventure to see what happens.   We all eagerly watch to see how his season will turn out.  His first year he won the Minor League Player of the year award for the Tampa Bay Rays and got to spend a little bit of time up with the big league team.  The next year got really exciting when he was traded to the A's.  The A's seem to love guys like Stephen, and we know why.  He has a huge heart, is always working hard and believes in the old school philosophy of playing the game the right way - treat your uniform and gear with respect, every coach, regardless of their experience, deserves your attention and respect, run on and off the get the point.  Stephen has thrived with the A's.  In his first year with them he had great hitting numbers and had a huge moment when he had a walk off hit to score the winning run in playoffs.  This led to a new Oakland Coliseum chant of "We believe in Stephen Vogt" whenever he would come up to bat.  He continued his momentum of the 2013 season into 2014 where he finished with a .279 batting average, 9 home runs, 35 RBIs, 26 runs scored and 1 stolen base.


Last week Stephen went back to California to undergo surgery on his right foot.  While in Los Angeles he took time out to go see a special fan who had written a letter to Billy Bean, asking the A’s to play extra hard against his local Angels.  He finished his letter by stating “I believe in Stephen Vogt”.   Stephen met Gomes, the 10 year old that wrote the letter, at local hitting facility and spent time playing catch, doing hitting work and when they were all done Stephen gave him an autographed jersey and bat.  It is just another example of the top notch person Stephen is.  You can read the full article here- Meeting with Young A's Fan


We also get to enjoy the lighter side of Stephen when he is back with us in the winter.  Not too many fans get to know him like the A’s players in the clubhouse or the Sandberg players during their workouts.  He showed all of his fans a little glimpse of his humor this summer when he did a great basketball referee impersonation.  You can watch it here- Vogt's True Talents